Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hail Mary, Full Of GRACE...

Producer Ivor Guest has confirmed that Grace Jones has completed recording a new album entitled "Hurricane." Her return to the craft, after nearly two decades marks the tenth studio LP by Miss Jones and is scheduled to be released by Wall Of Sound Records on October 27th, 2008. Nick Hooker has directed the first video from the upcoming album. Other participants on the new album are mainstays Sly and Robbie, along with ambient uber genius Brian Eno, Level 42 cohort Wally Badarou, Tricky, Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson, reggae legionaire Mikey 'Mao' Chung, Barry Reynolds, John Justin, Mescaleros famed Martin Slattery, cellist Philip Sheppard, son Paulo Goude, Robert Logan, Don-E and Afro-Beat pioneer Tony Allen with recording engineering duties by Cameron 'Engine' Craig.

"It's an absolute honor and privilege to be working with Grace," comments Mark Jones, managing director of Wall of Sound, in a statement. "No one has inspired more people whatever race, sex, colour or creed to be who they want to be and so much more." He adds, "Her new album will not only re-establish her as one of the world's most important artists but also introduce her to a new generation of music lovers".

Reportedly, she simply offered a "Grrrrr" when asked to comment on the new deal.

Grace performed a two hour concert in June of this year at Massive Attack's Meltdown festival in London where she performed four new cuts including "This Is Life" a web leaked slice of her latest project and did a retrospective of her catalog, from her early days at Studio 54 to her pop injected funk produced by Ex-Buggles' front man, Trevor Horn.

The sell-out crowd at London's Royal Festival Hall included Vivienne Westwood, Noel Fielding, Hot Chip, Har Mar Superstar and Peaches.

Jones' only festival performance this year will be an exclusive headline set on the second-from-last evening of the Secret Garden Party Festival, to be held July 24-27 in Huntingdon, England.

@Press Time-Tracklisting

"Corporate Cannibal"
"The Key to Funky"
"Devil in My Life"
"This Is Life"
"Love You to Life"
"William's Blood"
"Body Phenomenon"
"Keeping Up with the Jones"
"Sister Sister"

WIth Disco Godfather Mel Cheren

With Ex Beau Dolph Lundgren

With Artist Keith Haring

With Divine

"Corporate Cannibal"

"My Jamaican Guy"

"Private Life"





SHE'S LOST CONTROL DUB [MP3] Joy Division Cover

SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM [Chronovisor Remix] MP3

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