Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MEGA's Winter Music Conference Report.

MEGA did not attend the WMC this year. Why?! Because we were banned. Not just from the WMC, but from Miami Beach period. Next time we'll think twice about pissin on Diddy's yacht. We're not mad though, cos all of the really good artists come to San Diego and play the best venues anyway.


All these dudes look bored....cos scratching is boring.

Black Coffee

Don't get mad. It's just House Music.

Em's Back!!

We're loving this..

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yes, here it is, the controversial documentary, "The Obama Deception" that dispels the myth of Barrack Obama being the savior of the world and our economy.

The New World Order's executive branches, called the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission are uncovered, with in-depth footage and political analysis by non-partisan intellectuals, including Hip-Hop's own KRS 1 of Boogie Down Productions and Professor Griff of Public Enemy.

Watch it, think about it and make your own decision on it's validity.

It's downright frightening yet something everyone should know...

Friday, March 27, 2009


Amsterdam based graphic designer and illustrator Pieter ‘Parra’ Janssen is one of the key players in Amsterdam’s contemporary youth culture. Designer of Rockwell Clothing and responsible for the most remarkable party flyers and posters around town he’s in the pit of both the sneakerhead community as well as Hollands best party syndicates.

An underground star in his hometown, where fans scour the streets to tear down his posters, Parra's work is treasured by a new generation of design fanatics. A natural self taught Typographer and Graphic Artist, Parra grew up living with his artist father. Surrounded by colour, oil paint, wood, & Rubenesque paintings he immersed himself in early nineties music and street culture, developing the unique style he's know for today.

Taking a select few commercial design jobs per year Parra devotes the bulk of his output to flyers, posters & identities for friends & admirers, making his work available for everyone to use, keep or discard as they wish. Beneficiaries have included skate shops Patta and Kids Love Wax, his own label The Records van Rockwell, the band Rednose Distrikt, avant garde rap artists, events, films & club nights.

His first solo gallery show, "Jobs I did for friends for under £100" took place at London's Kemistry Gallery in March 2005 and sold out in three days. Hugely prolific, Parra also designs his own streetwear label, Rockwell clothing, launched in 2000 and stocked in London, Tokyo, Berlin and New York.


So-Cal dwellers get a taste of the artist's offerings here:





Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tha' New Ish!

The Controller One is an original concept design by The Ruckazoid.

This turntable was designed to allow DJ's to play a vinyl or digital vinyl source as an instrument. It has full melodic capabilities, can be controlled by a foot pedal and even MIDI, as well as other groundbreaking features. This turntable can change the face of turntablism forever! [Jump to the bottom for specs on capabilities.]

The Ruckazoid manipulates the vinyl, and uses the pitch buttons on the Controller One turntable to create the melodies.
This performance was entirely improvised:

"Ruckazoid's Controller One Demo"

The record used on this video is "UPR 4". It features over 60 locked groove tones and percussive analog samples recorded from vintage gear, specifically designed for the Controller One. For more information about purchasing "UPR 4" CLICK HERE.


*Use the pitch fader or the SCALE BUTTON to match the pitch speed instantly to major and minor scales.

*Multiple pitch modes which allow you to use the fader or the buttons to get different note changes. Allows the user to use the turntable in a traditional fashion too.

*Change the scale with the foot switch while you scratch. Just as a guitarist would do with a wah pedal or guitar effects. Allows you to fully utilize the turntable with the scratch hand and feet to to control speeds and pitches.

*The vinyl sound can be tuned, for when you play with other instruments or in a band. It's just as though a band or orchestra would do before a live performance, tuning their gear to bring the right sounds to the audience.

*If you're used to traditional pitch controls, switch the pitch fader function to PITCH mode and play with a variable pitch range of }8/10/60%.

*Programmable buttons allow you to assign your own pitch percentages to any button for your own custom performance.

*Midi controls the speed of the turntable with a midi controller. This is great for use of hip hop producers wanting to maintain the richness of sound in analog records without losing depth when 16 leveling their samples.

*7SEG pitch LED for easy view and to know what note or pitch point you are on is located at the top corner, to make sure you're on the right key and sound.

*Powerful AC direct drive motor provides the best torque and stable speeds to perform the best in sounds.

*The pitch bend shifts up and down in half tones to play sharp and flat notes, enabling you to hit the notes and keys to the exactness.

*Solid wood body which promotes a richer sound, the best sounding turntable ever!

For more information about The Controller One visit VESTAX

"Fretless Fader & Control One"

This is the first public view of the Fretless Fader system John Beez designed for use with the Controller One.

With this you can cut and change notes through 2 octaves without taking your hands away from the vinyl and fader.

"Controller One/Loop Pedal"

John Beez is the Fretless Fader's designer/demo man & here's a link to his band, Blount Harvey where the Fretless Fader/C1/Vocoder/ & Loop Pedal are most likely in full effect!

"Close To You"-John Beez vs. C1

SPECS: [Click pic to enlarge]

These kind of instruments will separate the novices from the musicians within the turtablism world...

The shit will sink to the bottom!