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10 Questions: B.P.R.C.

Our friends from France, Bums Polo Rotten Club have been kind enough to hit us up with a new mix and an interview!

Calhoun, Remsey Lef & Sam are the principle players in B.P.R.C., with collaboration from their fam, which includes Franki Numi, who masterminds the production end of their project.

Their latest mix is on point and available for a free download so get the damn thing while it's fresh...

B.P.R.C. NOUVELLE MIX 2009 58.86MB [Megaupload]


1: BPRC : Dry Spell ( Frankie Numi / BPRC yeah we stole ya beat mix )
2 : NERD : everyone nose ( atomic hooligan rmx )
3 : Herve : cheap thrills ( AVH rmx )
4 : E-40 : break ya Ankles
5 : Lil Wayne : a milli ( nadastrom rmx )
6 : Ruff Ryders : down bottoms ( fndannyboy remix )
7 : Jaimie Fanatic : turn this place up ( Bafam bam rmx )
8 : Outhere Bros : boom Boom ( barletta rmx )
9 : Dj Man : let me ( FranKie Numi / BPRC edit ya mother offer )
10 : Drop The Lime : New-York ( Baobinga rmx )
11 : Tiitsworth : What the Fuck ( Nadastrom rmx )
12 : Tonedeaf / Frankie Numi : Big Bizoo Encore ?
13 : Mendel : Beat Burger ( FranKie Numi's Krutenau Bounce Bifite Buferger rmx )
14 : Larry tee : my Pussy ( mom and dad rmx )
15 : Project Pat : keep it Hood ( b-peterson rmx )
16 : Blatta + Inesha : Punchin
17 : BPRC : where's my buddah Money ( FranKie Numi beat-steal flipside remix )
18 : Sebastian : Motor ( Frankie Numi / BPRC smash ya fake face in the metro chaos edit )
19 : Tonedeaf : war dance
20 : Hijack : hijackin' ( herve fuck fuck rmx )
21 : Busta Rhymes : don't touch me ( bird peterson rmx )
22 : Rouge a levres : gash
23 : Big Daddy Kane : wrath of Kane
24 : Mr Lee : it's my business
25 : Fast Eddie : yo yo get funky

10 Questions:

1. Where in France are you all originally from?

Nico : I come from a little town near Strasbourg , with green hills , very easy girls and now i live in Strasbourg : Krutenau Zoo / Krutemox.

Frankie : I come from Nice, Côte d'azur, i was 8 years old when i'm coming in Strasbourg, Alsace, and the life was totally opposite.

Sam : I come from Strasbourg France, Krutenau-ZOO district.

2. How did you get linked up with your mates Remsey & Sam?

Nico : I hooked up first with Remsey Lef in the beginning of the 2000's to form the B.U.M.S ( Bad Underground Mind Sleepers ), we put together a old-school/90's hip-hop radio show for 7 years and then I met Sam last year and put him into the B.P.R.C which is the "electro" side of B.U.M.S

Sam : I met Nico via the BOUM Party which is "THE" party in Strasbourg and Nico's baby, at this time I wanted to put an artist in his line up, then I splited with this artist and started to work with him, it was a year ago.

3. Since you're known for blending Hip Hop and Electro so seamlessly, who do you find are your biggest creative influences?

Nico : when I was around 11 years old , I was destroying my sound system by making Hip-House Dance Megamixes with 2 tapedecks , then you know how it goes : Wu-Tang, Blackmoon, The Cure, Prince, Mobb Deep, Kid n' Play, Bobby Brown, Maestro Fresh Wes, Eric B and Rakim, Bell Biv Devoe and so many others.

Frankie : I was always in the music since my 12 Years, with so many influences, different music styles... but before I was influenced by : Bobby Lapointe, King Crimson, Hound Dog Taylor, Pink Floyd, Touré Kounda, Funkadelic, Da Lench Mob, Ultramagnetic MC's, Rap Zone, Miles Davis, Armand Van Helden, Rolling Stones, Tim Dog, Dance music, Technotronic, Ice Cube, and so many groups or rappers that I've forgot the name, the list is too long!

4. What got you into the "Game"?

Nico : Word to mother, I like big tits girls, money too and my dream is to fuck Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey and Brandy Talore in a foursome but I surely like to mix for everybody, coz everybody need to get drunk / wild / naked and have fun. When I was young, I wanted to be an archaeologist then a French teacher, now i'm mixing and i'm going to open a DC Shoes store...

Frankie : Just to throw me in crowd at the rise end of a BPRC title...

Sam : My Father, my Bro and then I put Nico, Remsey Lef and I as BPRC into the market via contacts I had and made. Nico's got no blood, only cash running through his veins!

5. Are the rest of the "Posse" full members of BPRC or just homies you sometimes collab with?
[Frankie, Count Bass, Wildchild Prince Po, Insight]

Nico : The core members of B.P.R.C are me as Calhoun, Remsey Lef and Sam aka Magnum (Coz in summer, he's wearing tiny shorts;) Frankie Numi is the beatmaker/remixer, he only speaks with the sounds and beats. The others, like Wildchild, who was at Remsey Lef's place to record some lyrics and at this time needed to rhyme to get some cash for a new car, true, are great peeps we met when mixing, getting some shouts out/drop for our radio show or doing interviews for a hip-hop magazine which no longer exists. We are kindly proud of having Count Bass D on the release coz nobody in France manages to get him but us.

6. What kinds of programs/equipment do you prefer to use for your production etc..?
[Strictly live recordings? Logic, Pro-Tools, Ableton Live, MPC, any other editing, looping, mixing or sampling tools?]

Nico : Mixed bottle of Whiskey/Vodka/Rum with Coca-Cola, (you can see sam 's answer...)

Frankie : An Akai S20 Sampler, Technics MK2 Tables, Cubase with a Keyboard and a Mic.

Sam : Nico uses a Rane table, two Technics turntables, a Serrato box and a computer. Sometimes only vinyl when he's playing strictly hip hop.

7. What would be your dream collaboration?
[If you could work with any other Producers/DJ's/musicians who are currently living today...]

Nico : We are building our own legend or at least trying, so I'm hoping I can spread our love of music, working with Remsey and meeting Asian chicks with big tits and big racks, so i can put in it a lot of cash and no longer use my wallet, left in El Segundo...

Frankie : I can say that I've already the dream collaboration with Calhoun because I really like and I have a big respect for a lot of producers/ beat makers/ DJ's but never with constance, I mean that I don't like the evolution. But with him it's the same way even if sometimes we have different opinions.

8. What Companies/Sponsors/Musicians are you working with to take BPRC to the next level?

Nico : Working with nice peeps like you....Everybody who's got faith in us aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahah!!!

Sam : Taking BPRC to the next level conists in being in the magazines, blogs, webzines, filling 3 interview's/week, having dates all around europe and cooperate with prestigious sponsors like New York clothing brand Love Brigade, I think we're doing pretty well these times.

9. Are you guys nervous about taking your craft worldwide? [The upcoming Euro & American Tour]

Nico : Not at all coz i'm the best DJ in the world when it comes to brag, don't you think so ? I got some skillz too!

Sam : I know they'll do well, as they're not sleeping that much, they've plenty of time to work !!!

10. What else is coming up for BPRC in the future? [Dreams, aspirations, goals?]

Nico : Still Tipping, I'm gonna put a "Trash 'n' Bitches" EP out under the name of Turbo Penis called: " Bitch I don't pay even I got a swimming pool full of cash'' and mixing, digging new rekkidz, getting drunk, ruling the world, acting in ''Entourage '' and ''Gossip Girl '' , you know the usual stuff...

Frankie : That people like us, that we spin around the world between 2 records, live of it, bring our state of mind in the game.

Sam : Continue mixing everywhere, releasing an electro Krutenau-Bounce EP, being on a TV ad, or putting Thierry's prods on one, getting into the Fashion week... banging cash and just having fun...

A MEGA Merci to B.P.R.C.!!!


Bad Underground Radio Show

Sleep Disorders

D.J. Calhoun

Frankie Numi

Sam (aka Mac aka Magnum)

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