Monday, June 16, 2008

Infectious Auto Art

Infectious has brought movement to the graphic madness that is a current trend in everything from advertising to clothing, toys and cityscapes.

The roster of artists in their fold is definitely interesting as they have secured designs by the infamous Junko Mizuno-Famous for her vicious graphic novels, Dalek-a former assistant to Takashi Murakami, Buff Monster-LA's Porn Star Painter extraordinaire, MAD-Who's work has graced the shelves of Kid Robot and Andy Harding-Infectious' founding artist and a Creative Director at Apple.

The "about" section on their product website slayed me, as founder Tim Roberts blatantly states that "It All Began With A Gorgeous Ass.."

[Refer to the polaroid above for insight on the pun and if I am not mistaken, it appears to be a Yugo? No wait. Maybe it's a Ford Fiesta?]

The website also contains tips and tricks for the perfect installation which also comes as a PDF file for download as well as a catalog of the complete current line of available designs which claim to last two years through all weather and washing.

Prices for the removable vinyl images runs from $99 for simple accents to $389 for the complete kit which claims to be a two person job.

Check out their blog HERE for more artists and works in progress.

In this day and age of mostly less than memorable style, where there are far more followers than leaders:

"Custom is King!"

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